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I believe food is a web that can strengthen or weaken a community, depending on the practices and value attached to the impact on environment, local economy, health of workers and health of the community. If we build a system of small farms that feed the soil, care for the people that work for them and help to feed and contribute to the local economy, the ripple effect of positive impact is endless! This approach physically nourishes the land and the people of the community while also creating jobs and food security, keeping our dollars local, improving the health of those who partake, and enriching lives by connecting people, and so much more.

Meet Chef Kristen

Chef Kristen loves bringing people together and believes food is one of the most universal languages that exists.

We have the opportunity to create culture and the kind of world we want to live in through food, which touches economics, equality, human rights, environmental practice and politics, to name a few!

Her passion lies in service and bringing health and opportunity through her prepared meals business, local foods storefront, and catering service by connecting local farmers, ranchers and food producers with as many local buyers as possible.

She also loves sharing her joy and passion with each client, bringing a nurturing touch to each tasty meal she provides.

Meet Chef Kristen - Chef Kristen Catering Southern Oregon
Chef Kristen Catering - Fresh, Local Foods
Chef Kristen Catering - Fresh, Local Foods

Southern Oregon Caterer

Chef Kristen has lived in Southern Oregon for over 15 years, slowly building her business, first as a personal chef, then through farmers markets, Rogue Valley Farm to School, catering, cooking classes for teens, and her healthy convenience Meals-To-Go service, which now all reside in her cozy downtown Jacksonville storefront. 

She is on the council of the Rogue Valley Food System Network and loves to support local food sovereignty and community through A Greater Applegate and RVFSN opportunities, mostly by feeding people great local food.

She lives in the Applegate with her sweetie on their Organic Vegetable Farm and loves to be outdoors in her garden or on the rivers and lakes that make up the beautiful Rogue Valley.

Chef Kristen Catering

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