Catering for Retreats

Let us boost your program with food as nourishment for the body, mind and soul!

Whether you have a group of 20 or 100, Chef Kristen Catering is here to elevate your retreat with food as the heart of the gathering. Utilizing the best ingredients and a servant mentality toward each guest, we will make your retreat meal experience excel the expectations of you and each participant.

Being away from one’s comfort zone can be hard, even in the best of circumstances, Chef Kristen understands that food and love is some of the best medicine for this. Whether it is a day or an extended time away from home, we will make sure that each guest is tended to nutritionally and emotionally for whatever dietary preferences they have.

We also love having guests help with certain aspects of the meal, if it is appropriate, whether it is setting up the buffet line, helping clean dishes, setting up a snack table or tending to beverages to serve the group. Though not a necessary part of the program, it often helps guests feel connected to the group in a nurturing way, as well as anchor in and assimilate some of the teachings while being in service to others.

Every details is planned ahead of the event, with Chef Kristen as a co-creator to your program. We’d love to take care of you and believe that with food as a supportive role to whatever you bring to your group, every aspect of the event can take root and grow beyond your guests expectations, leaving you to do what you do best!

Learn more about our retreat event packages or contact Chef Kristen with the size and duration of your event for a customized quote!

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